REJECTION - This challenging theme manifests itself early, with rejection or alienation experienced in childhood. The syndrome accelerates with entry into school and subsequent involvement in relationships. Often these entities are deserted by those they love - even their own children will adopt surrogate mother or father figures. The pattern can be broken once the entity recognizes what is happening and surrenders the action and the ego involvement to God.

RESCUER - One often finds the rescuer working alongside the cause fighter, but when the cause fighter moves on to another cause, the rescuer remains to care for the victim. Even when the victims have obviously created their own problems, the rescuer is determined to "save" them. Often, in so doing, it is the rescuer who is victimized. An entity with a rescuer theme has a high degree of empathy and can manifest strength for those in need. This theme presents a tough road to travel, but the spiritual rewards are great indeed.

RESPONSIBILITY - Individuals who have chosen the responsibility theme embrace it with fervor rather than obligation and feel guilty if they don't "chicken soup" everyone who comes into their orbit. The challenge is to decide what is immediate and necessary and then to stand back and allow others to share in the assumption of responsibilities.

SPIRITUALITY - The quest to find a spiritual center may be all-encompassing for entities pursuing a spirituality theme. When the full potential of this theme has been reached, these entities are far-sighted, compassionate, and magnanimous, but while still involved in the search, these entities must guard against being narrow and judgmental in their views.

SURVIVAL - For any number of reasons, real or imagined, life is a constant struggle for those who've selected a survival theme. At their best in a crisis situation, these souls take a grim view of day-to-day existence. The obvious challenge here is to lighten up.

TEMPERANCE - Very probably the entity with a temperance theme is dealing with an addiction of one kind or another. The challenge here is to avoid extremes. Perhaps the entity has conquered the actual addiction but is still dealing with a residue of feelings about it. The key to combating the fanaticism that often characteristics those with temperance as a theme is moderation - the true meaning of temperance.

TOLERANCE - Entities choosing the tolerance theme must be tolerant about everything - world affairs, relatives, children, politics, and so forth. The burden is so great that they often will only choose one area to tolerate, remaining very narrow-minded to all the rest. By recognizing their theme, these entities can meet the challenge and so grow more and more magnanimous.

VICTIM - These entities have chosen to be sacrificial lambs. By their example - dramatically displayed by the media - we are made aware of injustice. Jack Kennedy is an example of one pursuing a victim theme - not merely his means of exit, but his back pain, his family name, and the pressures placed upon him by his parents. Many victims, after having played their parts, may choose to rewrite future scripts by altering their masochistic tendencies.

VICTIMIZER - People's Temple leader Jim Jones was a prime example of the victimizer theme in action. Within the framework of one's own viewpoint within life, it is almost impossible to see the full purpose of Jones's manifestation of this theme, yet it is obvious that many lives, as well as many life themes, interacted with his. In the tapestry of life, Jones's unique role may be been to focus public attention on cult abuses.

WARRIOR - Entities with a warrior theme are fearless risk takers who assume a variety of physical challenges. Many go into some form of military service or law enforcement. With Humanitarian as a secondary theme, they may be particularly effective. Although it is important to temper aggression, it still remains that without warriors, we would be prey to tyrants.

WINNER - Unlike those entities with infallibility as a theme, to whom everything comes easy, winners feel compelled to achieve. They strive to win with great tenacity, often gambling or entering contests. Perennial optimists, they are always certain that the next deal, the next job, even the next marriage will be the best. No sooner has one deal fallen through than they pick themselves up and go on to what they know will be a winning situation. Present Eisenhower was a positive example of this theme. As a general, his unfailing optimism was inspiration, as a president, his confidence had a calming effect. The challenge for these entities - which Eisenhower appears to have met - is to take a realistic approach to winning.