Sa hohchifo ut....Jaye

 (My Name Is.....Jaye)


ADOETTE (al-do-AY-tuh)"Strong as a tree" (born near a tree, or exhibited a spiritual kinship to nature.

ALAQUA (ah-LAG-quah) "Sweet Gum Tree."

ALMEDA (al-MAY-dah) "Fields of cottonwood; Spanish (Avenue for Strolling) 

AMAYETA (ah-mah-YEH-tah "Miwok: "Fruit from the manzanita tree." 

AWANATA (ah-wah-NAH-tah) "Miwok: "Original Turtle" (First living being on earth.

AWENDELA (ah-wayn-DAY-lah) "Fresh Morning" 

BENA (BEE-nah) "Pheasant"

CHENOA (chay-No-ah) "Pure Dove", or "Bird of Peace" 

CHEYENNE (shy-ANN) Algonquin: "Name of Algonquin tribe in the Great Plains" 

CHOLENA (ko-LEE-nah) Delaware: "That Which Soars" 

CHUMANI (shoo-MAHN-ee) "Eternal Return", or "Nature's Renewal" 

CHOCHETA (Co-SHAY-tah) "That which cannot be Fathomed" 

DAKOTA (dah-KOH-tah) "Friendly, Ally" (Tribal Name)

DENA (DAY-nah) "Low-Lying Meadow" 

DYANI (dah-YAHN-ee) "Gazelle" Indian lore says the deer or gazelle as a powerful animal, but those real strength lay hidden behind a graceful docility." 

HATEYA (hah-TEH-yah) Miwok: "Footprint in the Sand" 

HELKI (HELL-kee) Miwok: "To Touch" 

HOLA (HO-lah) Hopi: "Rainstick" (Derived from a Hopi ceremonial stick filled with seeds) 

ISATAS (EE-Stahs) "Snow" 

KALISKA (ka-LEE-Ska) Miwok: "Miwok legend that means Coyote on the tail of a Doe." (Mythology: Coyote tricked all the animals and created man as a combination of all these qualities; Man is strong like a bear, fearless as a fox, and crafty as a coyote) 

KIMANA (ke-MA-na) Shoshone: "Butterfly" Native Lore: Mythology- God searched the earth as a butterfly to find the perfect location to fashion the first human. 

LOLOTEA (loh-loh-TEH-ah) Zuni: "Blessing from God" 

LOMASI (lo-MAH-see) "Beautiful Blossom" 

LUSELA (Loo-SAY-lah) Miwok: "Bear licks Swinging Toe" 

LUYU (LOO-yoo) Miwok: "Shaking the Beak"

MAHALA (ma-HAH-lah) "Feminene Power"

MANSI (MAHN-see) Hopi: "Cut Blossom" 

MAUSI (MAW-see or MAU-see) "Plucking Blossoms" 

MEDA (MAY-duh) "Prophet", "Priestess", or "Edible Root" 

MIKA (MEE-kah) "Raccoon With Wise Heart" 

MINAL (mee-NAHL) "Fruits" 

MINOWA (mi-NO-wah) "Traveling Singer" 

MITUNA (mi-TOO-nah) Miwok: "Wrap up" (Tradition of wrapping up fresh fish inside large leaves) 

NASHOTA (nah-SHO-tah) "Double" Astrology (Good for the second born of twins) 

NASHAN (NAHS-nan) "Carrier": "Embraced by Music" 

NATA (NAH-tah) "Voice of Creation" 

NATANE (nah-TAH-nee) Arapho: "Female Child" 

NETIS (NAY-tis) "One Who Can Be Trusted" 

NIABI (nee-AH-bee) "Fawn" 

NOICHA (No-chah) "Sun"

OLATHE (o-LAH-tha) "Lovely" 

ONATAH (o-NAH-tah) Iroquois: "Earth child and spirit of the stalk". (Legend of abduction of corn spirit by a demon. When the sun rose again the corn spirit was freed).

ONIDA (oh-NEE-dah) "Eagerly Awaited" 

ORENDA (oh-REN-dah) Iroquois: "Spirit Force". (Force leads to the realization that all life is interrelated. Sioux: "Wakanda" 

OYA (oh-YAH) Miwok: "To Call Forth" 

PAPINA (pah-PEE-nuh) Miwok: "Crawling Ivy" 

PATI (pah-TEE) Miwok: "To Wring" (Wrapping fresh caught fish in willow tree leaves) 

POSALA (po-SAH-lah) Miwok: "To explode" (Energy of seeds bursting into life during the spring time) 

ROZENE (ro-ZAY-nuh) "Rose Blossom"

SHADA (SHAH-dah) "Pelican" 

SHAPPA (SHAH-pah) "Red Thunder" (Birth that takes place during inclement weather) 

SIHU (SEE-hoo) "Flower", or "Bush"

SISIKA (si-SEE-kah) "Singing Bird"

SORA (SO-rah) "Singing Bird Soars"

SULETU (soo-LEH-too) Miwok: "Soaring Without Warning" 

SUNI (SOO-nee) Zuni: "Native One" or "Born to Tribe" 

TAIMA (tah-EE-mah) "Thunderbolt" (Connotes Great Power) Suited for a child born during a thunderstorm 

TAIPA (tah-EE-pah) Miwok: "Wings Spread" (Connotes a sense of majesty and personal fullfillment) 

TAKENYA (tah-KEHN-yah) Miwok: "Fierce Falcon" 

TALA (TAH-lah) "Stalking Wolf" (Connotes qualities of auspicious fortune and cunning) 

TALULA (tah-LOO-lah) Choctaw: "Water Sprays To Sky" 

UNA (oo-nah) Hopi: "Good Memory" (Remembering one's ancestors is considered a virtue) 

UTINA (oo-TEE-nah) "Female Compatriot"

WANETA (wah-NAY-tah) "Shape-Shifter"

WINEMA (wee-NEH-mah) Miwok: "Female Chieftain" 

WINONA (weh-NO-nah) "Firstborn Daughter" 

WYANET (wee-AH-net) "One Whose Beauty is Legend" 

YAMKA (YAHM-kah) Hopi: "Time For Blossoms" 

YANABA (yah-NAH-bah) Navajo: "She who meets the battle head on" 

YEPA (YAY-pah) "Winter Princess"

YOLUTA (yo-LOO-tah) "Good-Bye Spring"